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A mix of Steve Stachini profile images for the blackstar.STUDIO as he explains his David Bowie art projects.
Steve Stachini started his Bowie art creations in 2015 and began working on an art studio project which opened in 2016. With the sad passing of David Bowie before Steve's project was complete, it was naturally fitting to name the gallery the blackstar.STUDIO - Read the full story... it's worth it!

The inaugural exhibition comprised over thirty pieces of Steve's Bowie art displayed to the public in the wall to wall, fully vinyl wrapped, David Bowie themed studio in Valencia, Spain. With a passion for creativity and the life long influence of David Bowie, Steve continues to pursue a variety of art and Bowie related projects worldwide.

blackstar.STUDIO Series

David Bowie Art Creation by Steve Stachini at the blackstar.STUDIO - Depicting the David Bowie clown from the Scary Monsters album walking down a cobbled street. The street has grafitti covering all of the walls of the buildings and a neon sign saying NIXON, as this piece of art was created for Robin Nixon a close friend of the artist Steve Stachini.

Studio Album+ Series

David Bowie Art Creation by Steve Stachini at the blackstar.STUDIO - Depicting an abstract view of the 1980 Scary Monsters album with silohuetted facial graphics made up from various studio album covers. Surrounding one of the silohuettes are all the album song titles. This is number 15 from a series of twenty eight all following the same over all theme structure. The image theme colour is taken from the album. This image lists all twenty eight albums but only focuses on this particular one.

V27 Series

David Bowie Art Creation by Steve Stachini at the blackstar.STUDIO - Depicting the inside of a church with a large stain glass window made up from the David Bowie Tonight album cover. In the church is also an alien with Blackstar tattoos and there is music playing, shown by a sound wave up above the altar. David Bowie wearing the Earthling long coat is exiting the church via a back door.

Despite having a very negative, abusive childhood, Steve Stachini is the embodiment of selfless devotion towards creativity and proof that we all have choices in life. All is revealed in his autobiography "Naked & Raw" containing stories that will shock and amuse. Special thanks and tributes are paid to Helen Steaden, Robin Nixon and Jason Miller, as well as his liberator, David Bowie.


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