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The blackstar.STUDIO shop may be better viewed on our Facebook page so please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates... Please also note the "Exclusive Prices" and read the information below. These are all bespoke made to order prints and NOT stock items so refunds are not possible. Consider buying an unmounted "Canvas Proof Size" image first if you prefer. Many items are Limited Editions so once they sold or purchased via the "Exclusive Price" then they are no longer available.

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What is an "Exclusive Price"?

Many prints are limited editions to a maximum of 25 prints per item and all come with numbered certificates of origin and authenticity. All purchases are documented and recorded. These are NOT stock items, every print is made to order with corresponding proof of purchase and individual registration markings on each canvas.
An "exclusive price" means that if someone purchases an item at the exclusive price rate, then that particular item will no longer be available for sale. It ceases all future production of that print.
So, if for example you are the first purchaser of a certain print and decide to pay the exclusive price, then you shall be the only person in the world who owns that particular piece of art.
Likewise, if you are the 11th purchaser of a certain print and still wish to pay the "exclusive price" then again that item becomes no longer available for sale and you are one of eleven owners in the world of that particular piece of art.
Exclusive price purchases also come with extra documentation, increasing the artwork's value.