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...where you can view some of my current work projects, interests, influences and take a look at the private side of my life. With regular updates, site developments and plenty of media designed for direct access from your mobile device.


No, far from it! Though to explain, this site is designed as a personal site for anyone who wants to know about me, my life, as an individual.

Honest & Truthful?

You bet! There's no doubt in my mind that some readers may be offended by some of my site's content. But hey, no one is forcing you to read it.

Covering All Angels?

Sure thing! The intention of this site is to build a complete picture of my entire life, so that it will serve as a testament to who I am (and was).

Access All Areas?

Sadly no! At least not at this moment, as some of the stories I have to tell will affect other people's lives so access to some content is restricted.

Downloadable Media?

Don't see why not! Let's face it, many sites like YouTube are technically illegal and all the content here is from my own personal, paid for collection.

Is There Anything Else?

No, not really! This site is pretty self explanatory and I hope that you enjoy browsing. Please think about subscribing and following me.
Welcome to the world of Steve Stachini For an overview of my past work history accompanied with short extracts about my life, interests and goals, please view my BIO. I believe in speaking the truth and not over inflating anything so there are no misconceptions about who I am or what I do.
For many years now I have specialised in vinyl wrapping for all applications and provide training services for those who wish to learn. Plus most of my life has been spent in commercial art and design. Please read more...

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Interests - Music I like... David Bowie has been a constant source of musical and artistic inspiration to me throughout my life and I have dedicated a page to his work where you can listen and download tracks. I have also made available for downloading a variety of music which you can find at the bottom of the Bowie page.

The Bowie page is also dedicated to my life long friend Robin Nixon who also has the same passion and with whom I shared one of the greatest concert experiences with in 1985 at Wembley - Live Aid.

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Interests - Movies I like...
Watch my all time favourite movie now.

As an avid Robert De Niro fan I have virtually all his filmography including those which he has directed and produced. His passion for the arts runs so deep that he co-founded Tribeca Studios with producer Jane Rosenthal in 1988 with its primary role for encouraging new talent.

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Once Upon A Time In America
Interests - Series I like...
Watch the opening scene from "The Newsroom".

The opening speech (within the first few minutes of this series) by Jeff Daniels is an award winning performance as far as I am concerned. This HBO production is a worthwhile view with gritty real life breaking news events and some very witty scripting combined with a great cast.

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The Newsroom
Influential and memorable people are featured in this area with special references to Robin Nixon, Andy Mitchell, Helen Steeden, Jason Miller and Tim Ashenden as well as a few past work colleagues. Life has taught me that not every influential person has to be famous or successful.
For those who have known me in the past and wish to get in touch, please do. Embarrassingly I have lost track of the amount of names that I have forgotten, making it impossible for me to track down old acquaintances.

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Taboo or not Taboo Religion, Politics, Money & The Future

Hey! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so if you don't like it, then don't read it!
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Be warned that there may be some content on this site which may offend some people, however I offer no apology. The choice is yours if you wish to read or not.

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This site shall be updated regularly so please keep checking back for updates. It shall also serve as an archive testament of the life and times of Steve Stachini.

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We don't care too much about copyright laws here as they only really apply to those who want money for nothing, not for protection. So feel free to share.
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