Friends are always in our memories and it is easy to lose track and contact of them…

Can you spot the cheeky “Me” and “Bob Nixon”? My youth was spent forever moving and changing schools. No internet or mobiles back then and not only did I lose touch with many great people but now the years have passed, embarrassingly, I can’t even...
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This video not only opens a can of worms about the Twin Towers but all shows history repeating itself

This is no conspiracy, just the facts as they are. Let’s face it, who doesn’t moan about politics? And how many times do we hear people say that if only we could put ordinary folk in office then things would change? The establishment won’t let us because they...
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This video shows how the monetary system is totally screwing us and always will until…

This video shows how we are all conned by the system and that we can escape it. If the rich get richer and the poor get poorer then revolution is on the cards. Sadly, the bankers and politicians know this only too well and that’s why they are always tipping he balance just...
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This video explains in the simplest way all about religion – so come on people, get a grip!

Religion and the myth behind it all. Though I am not religious nor spiritual I agree that if a belief brings a person comfort then that’s fine. But to allow disorder, corruption, suffering and persecution to thrive under the guise of a religious banner is just pure utter...
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This video (with very strong language) is designed to show the type of clients which we do NOT want!

*Warning! This video contains strong language. I made this video from scratch in about 2002 and I am astounded that its sentiment is still true to this very day. I had to painfully direct every movement, facial expression, camera angle and text to speech, but worth it I think. If...
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