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Welcome to my people...
...I can honestly say that there have only ever been two highly influential people in my life that have inspired me and who have shaped the person that I am: my Nan and David Bowie. However there are a small handful that have had a profound impacted on me personally and who shall remain so very close and dear to my heart until my dying day...

Lost Contacts :- (

My youth was spent forever moving and changing schools. No internet or mobiles back then and not only did I lose touch with many great people but now the years have passed, embarrassingly, I can't even remember a lot names and the internet doesn't understand nicknames!

Calling all friends!

So if you know me and you'd like to get in touch then please do! It's so easy nowadays and all my information is here. Maybe rekindle some old relationships, reflect on the past, plan meets for the future or just catch up on each others lives. Whatever the reason I'd love to hear from you.

Piecing it together...

Even with the internet, tracking old friends is not easy after many years of losing contact. People's profiles don't always include enough information and you can't always tell from photos. So I've put a list below of schools and locations where some might remember me from.
Associated list of schools, home locations and work places
When you see that I have moved so many times, twenty plus by the age of twenty, then it's no wonder why I have lost contact with so many people. I have very few work places listed as I have been self employed for more than half of my life.
  • Kent College Canterbury '83-'85
  • William Harvey Grammar School Folkestone '81-'83
  • Brockhill And St Leonards Hythe
  • Sellindge Junior School
  • Hythe Primary School
  • Much Wenlock Primary School
  • Philbeach Convalescent Home Hythe
  • The Talbot In Much Wenlock
  • The Red Lion Hotel Hythe
  • The Longford Hotel Folkestone
  • The Flying Horse Wye
  • Ashford Golf Course
  • Sandgate Hotel Hythe-Folkestone
  • The Garden House Hotel Folkestone
  • The Vaults Rochester
  • Headley Brothers Ashford
  • Control Techniques Newtown Powys
  • JFK Signs - JFK247

Born in Lambeth London and lived in:
  • London (3 different times)
  • Broseley Shropshire
  • Much Wenlock Shropshire
  • Hythe Kent (4 different times)
  • Ashford Kent (3 different times)
  • Wye Nr. Ashford Kent (2 different times)
  • Dymchurch Nr. Hythe Kent
  • Medway Towns (2 different times)
  • Sandgate Nr. Folkestone
  • Newtown Powys
  • Folkestone Kent (4 different times)
  • Sellinge Nr. Hythe Kent
  • Valencia Spain

Kent College Canterbury

Kent College Canterbury is such a special place for me with so many great people and fond memories. Sadly, I am hopeless at remembering names and what with moving so often, I simply lost touch...
Kent College Canterbury - Class of 1985 - by Steve Stachini

Helen Steeden 1917 - 2003

I know that I said that this site is purely about me and my life and not necessarily about my own family, but there has been no greater influence on who I am than my Nan whose memory deserves s to live on...
Helen Steeden and Sylvia Sheere by Steve Stachini JFK247
From a working class, pre and post war South London, Helen Steeden was a true work horse taking on every job and every hour she could to provide for her family. As loving as she was to me, you didn't want to get on the wrong side her. A feisty, firey, red head and a lady who held no prisoners, especially when it came to defending the fold. In fact she once took a few swings at two of Frankie Fraser's heavies and sent them packing when they turned up at her door wanting to sort my out Dad: when the mob boys told her who they worked for (although she knew), she simply replied "I don't care who you work for, ...and who the fuck's Frankie Fraser?"
Helen Steeden by Steve Stachini JFK247
Our family has a few London mob ties with a lot good stories passed down and my Nan was a highly respected lady. She later moved on to spend the rest of her working life running the bars in some of London's best theatres and over the years there was no one she didn't know within the industry. My Aunt (Sylvia Sheere) also followed into the theatre work and she too was also highly regarded, so much so that one of the London theatre bars was named after her when she sadly passed away on 24th January 2007 only four years after losing my Nan.

Both my Nan and my Aunt helped raise me a baby and my Nan remained my rock and confidant throughout my whole life. She is still sorely missed and with the loss of my Aunt too, the reigns of the story telling seems to have fallen on me. I owe so much to this wonderful lady who helped shape the person I am. There will be plenty of stories about this wonderful lady and stories that she has passed on to me, all contained in my personal life story blog.
  • The eulogy I wrote and read at my Nan's funeral

    Helen Steeden - 11/12/1917 - 12/07/2003

    Nan, Mum, Little Nan, Helen, Nel or Nelly-
    Different relationships, different generations.
    Yet this same, single, most remarkable person was responsible for shaping and enhancing our lives... my Nan.

    A unique lady who treated everybody in the same manor and gave everybody the same opportunities, irrespective of age or circumstance.
    A person who overcame any problem she faced with such courage and dignity.
    A great teacher, provider and protector.

    If you were under Nan's wing (as most of us were at some stage in our lives), you felt an enormous comfort of being safe, loved and cared for. However, it has to be said, if you did something wrong or upset her, boy! did you know it!
    Though such was her loving determination, she would always help you to right the wrongs.

    We ll know of Nan's loving, emotional qualities:
    The joy she brought to a party,
    How she was a stickler for hygiene,
    The way she always held a tissue in her hand,
    Her tot of whiskey before going to be,
    Her ability to help everyone,
    And of course, her famous story telling.

    No one could tell a story like Nan!
    Her mannerisms and enthusiasm kept you enthralled time after time, even if you had heard the story before.
    In fact, you would often find yourself requesting certain stories from her.

    She obviously drew from her own experiences and memories, and at times with mixed emotions. Though, very importantly, she never had cause for regret.

    These wonderful stories have virtually become part of our family tradition.
    Passed down from Nan to Sylvie, to grandchildren and even great grandchildren.
    Told by Nan time and time again... and time again.
    And yet always received with such anticipated excitement.

    To Nan, the passing on and creation of all memories was most important and worth far more than any family heirloom. And quite rightly so.
    Such family values, which thankfully, she instilled in us all.

    So many stories, so many people and events, over so many years.
    And I'm sure many of them shall be shared amongst us all here today.
    It's hard to pick a favourite. So for now at least, I won't.

    I would like to spend what little time is left, to simply pay tribute and say just how proud I am, and we all are, of Nan.

    Personally, Nan played a huge role in my development and upbringing.
    Literally from new born to the present day.
    Her influence and wisdom has shaped the very person I am. And in turn, this is also reflected in her great grandchildren of which she adored.

    They too, also grieve with us, and wish to express their love and gratitude, their thankfulness and heartfelt warmth, for being able to simply share a part or Nan's life. Nan was living proof that such loving, unselfish, and truly remarkable people, do and can exist in this world. And we too, should all feel honored and privileged to have shared so much with just of them.

    Love, pride, dignity, respect, are just a few of the key words that I automatically associate with Nan.

    Held in such high esteem, in awe, of what many of us aspire to be.

    We love you Nan.

Robin Nixon

Soul brother and the closest friend I may ever have in this lifetime...
Bob is a life long friend with whom I used to spend as much time as possible with in Canterbury and London. From doing homework, checking out the girls, drinking down the pub and a few things that I better not mention, every minute we spent together was priceless. With our shared passions for art, fashion and David Bowie it was inevitable that we were destined to become brothers of the soul. One of our greatest times was at Live Aid in 1985 and I have dedicated a whole page to the story on this site. I always knew he would make it big in America and I am so very proud...
Victoria - White Russian
Produced by Jesse Rog, Robin Nixon, Kristian Nord

This video is just one example of Robin's co-production work. Robin Nixon started his career with number one music videos for bands such as, Oasis, Boy’s II Men, and The Fugees. With a history of successful music productions he also designed and managed the music strategy for Urban Outfitters, whilst also pursuing other musical innovations.

Read about our Live Aid Experience
  • Interview by Daniel Mendoza - Grammy Pro - 2012

    How/When did you get your start? What was your big break?

    When I was at school I was in a punk band. We also operated a pirate radio station in my friend’s attic. (Although I’m not sure I should talk about that now, looking at the way history has gone. It seemed a lot more innocent back then). My break in the music business happened by mistake. I was production-designing movies when I was asked to do a music video. The Video was Fugees ‘Ready Or Not’ it was a success so I carried on.

    Who is the most interesting person you’ve worked with and why?

    The most interesting person I worked with is Malcolm Mclaren (Producer of the Sex Pistols) He helped me listen to music in a different way. He had a fierce way of being straight to the point, with a romantic want for excellence. It was all about the ‘Nod Factor’ If the track made you nod there was a good chance you were on to something.

    Where/how do you hear about new music?

    I have a lot of friends who tell me about new tracks or Bands. I also check some of the music blogs like ‘Hype Machine’ and ‘Pitchfork’ Of course we have the great KCRW and I listen to BBC Radio 1 every day.

    What book would you recommend as a must read for someone and why?

    The Art Of War’ By Sun Tzu

    It’s good to understand history that applies to business. It tends to repeat its self with different clothes on.

    What 5 albums would you say are a must listen to for everyone and why?

    ‘Zebra’ Jack DeJohnette featuring Lester Bowie trumpet solo

    ‘Paris’ Malcolm McLaren

    ‘Scary Monsters’ David Bowie

    ‘The Pleasure Principle’ Gary Numan

    ‘The White Album’ The Beatles

    Growing up, which artists inspired you the most?

    Living in South London it was ‘David Bowie’ He taught us escape is possible.

    What advice would you give to a young artist just starting out in the music business?

    Follow your dreams. Talk less do more. Try and finish the projects that you start. Learn how to balance a check -book.

    How are emerging technologies changing the music industry in general and specifically your field?

    Emerging technology has streamlined a lot of the workflow. In music video digital cameras and multipurpose editing software have increased the ability to achieve quick and less expensive ‘effects- driven’ content. There is a downside to this as people are prepared to shoot more coverage with less focus on perfection in- camera.

    What are your “secrets to success?”

    I hope we get copies of all who answered this question. Certainly I’m not sure if it’s a secret but everyone I know who does well in the industry lives and breathes their job. Determination and hard work seems to be the mix that pushes people into excellence.

    How did you learn about The Recording Academy and why did you join?

    The Recording Academy is the home to music professionals and music lovers. While celebrating outstanding musicians, technicians and maverick’s achievements the Academy also with ‘Music Cares’ and other reach out programs helps educate, inspire and advocate on musicians and music lovers behalf.

Andy Mitchell

An inspiration and friend of whose success deserves great admiration...
I knew Andy from school and have fond memories of his cool calm demeanor, sat on the edge of his dorm bed filing his manicured finger nails with such precision. Not for vanity, but so that he could pluck the strings of his guitar perfectly. Other than in study or sports, his hands were always on a guitar. We all knew that this guy deserved a life of music and for those of us who have followed Andy, our hearts are filled with pride, adoration, admiration, awe and a sense of congratulatory spirit for a man who lives life, loving what he does... Music! Keep on rocking Andy and enjoy the tours. Always thinking of you and keep the Facebook updates going...
Oh Yeah!
Written and performed by Andy Mitchell

Andy Mitchell was the lead singer of legendary British Rock group The Yardbirds, that boasted 3 iconic British lead guitarists, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. His solo material weaves classic rock and soul influences into a melodic modern rock sound, delivering a powerful soulful vocal over a blend of acoustic and rock guitar riffs.

Jason Miller

A true friend from boys would be boys... Jesus, the things we used to get up to!

The Boys from Control Techniques

Great times, lots of trouble and the best of work memories...
My blog will eventually reveille all the stories from my start to departure dates at CT, so Lewi' you're in trouble! :-) And yes, Tony Rogers, if you are reading this, I own up after all these year... I was the one that smashed the factory window when I hoofed a football sky high! But I never lied in any of the managers meetings about it, as I always swore blind that it was none of the lads on my shift, which was the truth - 'cause it was me!

So look out for some great stories like Phil Lewis's disgusting meal he made for us on the night shift at the old factory unit, the volleyball games we played on the night shift that could be heard from a housing estate a mile away, the night shift football events and indoor table tennis championships, the well planned sick days, and the letter I wrote that accidentally went viral and forced a guy of of his job - all this and more... "Happy times!"
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