Though I am not an eloquent person, I have always loved the rhyming word of poetry and I have my moments of creativity in this subject matter. I tend to write from emotion, sometimes from experiences and often tell stories of quite simply what is on my mind. Not necessarily writing for anyone in particular, most of the time just writing thoughts. I have been asked to write poems for other people and some are included in this collection. Read, don't read, the choice is yours... and so is your opinion.

Free to share poetry

All of my writing is registered with copyrights, however I am happy to waiver this for my poetry section and should anyone wish to use my work for song lyrics or share on the internet, all I ask is that credit is given to my name by means of common courtesy, thanks. There are certainly reasons behind what I write and I am sure that over time I shall add explanations to accompany each piece and if possible I shall add some imagery too. If you wish to question any of my work, I shall be happy to respond.

Cruel Love

Cruel love,
He writes down in a book to look at
New love,
The word is so absurd to express
True love,
The pain within the pen shares memories
Of the bitter life that surrounds him.

He was,
The boy protector soul selector,
She was,
So very able to enable,
There was,
A glow to know they stripped his heart to see,
All which could be won and lost from him.

Careless in it's way of choosing,
Feeling healing prime for losing,
God only know what thoughts he's taking,
Rearranging, changing, making...
Expectation have I none, just an optimistic heart,
All I have is my want of love, but love is forsaking.

Hold on,
The years of tears reveal a
Brave one,
Who showed the world he was a
Strong son,
Who graced a face that rose up from the deep
And shallow grave that possessed him.

He came,
From sublime to modern time with
No shame,
Who proved his worth from birth with
No blame,
Of consequence which made no sense to see
Why true love couldn't find him.

Serving, deserving love's position,
Cruel with lack of recognition,
Those will awake to see elation,
An aura glow of inspiration.
Potential people see in me, but for me that's not enough,
All I need is the want of want, and love is not wanting...

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