Though I am not an eloquent person, I have always loved the rhyming word of poetry and I have my moments of creativity in this subject matter. I tend to write from emotion, sometimes from experiences and often tell stories of quite simply what is on my mind. Not necessarily writing for anyone in particular, most of the time just writing thoughts. I have been asked to write poems for other people and some are included in this collection. Read, don't read, the choice is yours... and so is your opinion.

Free to share poetry

All of my writing is registered with copyrights, however I am happy to waiver this for my poetry section and should anyone wish to use my work for song lyrics or share on the internet, all I ask is that credit is given to my name by means of common courtesy, thanks. There are certainly reasons behind what I write and I am sure that over time I shall add explanations to accompany each piece and if possible I shall add some imagery too. If you wish to question any of my work, I shall be happy to respond.

Fucked It Up

I say so much and you listen,
To every word that I say, it's so clear,
Can't tell you how much that means to me,
To know no matter the distance, you're near,
And as we connect with each word every time,
I know I can fuck it all up - with just one line.

The words that I say are not perfect,
Not eloquent for sure, that's just me,
In ignorant bliss I converse with you,
It's the universe at work I can see,
It's a possible future yours and mine,
But I could fuck it all up - with just one line.

I too listen to all you've to say,
With intend, compassion and feeling,
The exchange which we share is rare,
Which brings us closer together with healing,
And our worlds keep on turning in time,
Though I could fuck it all up - with just one line.

I accept that I may not be for you,
If so, the weight in my words that I write,
Form a bond of a friend for our lives,
I'll be there for you, every day, every night,
A champagne soul mate we'll grow like the vine,
As long as I don't fuck it up - with just one line.

The fear that I have is pure loss,
Of the one who could possibly be,
The answer, the treasure, holy grail,
From someone who hopefully wants me,
So when the bells of destiny chime,
I hope I've not fucked it up -
with just one line...

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