Though I am not an eloquent person, I have always loved the rhyming word of poetry and I have my moments of creativity in this subject matter. I tend to write from emotion, sometimes from experiences and often tell stories of quite simply what is on my mind. Not necessarily writing for anyone in particular, most of the time just writing thoughts. I have been asked to write poems for other people and some are included in this collection. Read, don't read, the choice is yours... and so is your opinion.

Free to share poetry

All of my writing is registered with copyrights, however I am happy to waiver this for my poetry section and should anyone wish to use my work for song lyrics or share on the internet, all I ask is that credit is given to my name by means of common courtesy, thanks. There are certainly reasons behind what I write and I am sure that over time I shall add explanations to accompany each piece and if possible I shall add some imagery too. If you wish to question any of my work, I shall be happy to respond.

The One For Me

I'd like to tell you about this lady,
The one that's meant for me,
As thoughtful as the morning dew,
As passionate as the sea,
She calms my soul, keeps me in check,
As her tender fingers caress my neck.

I'd like you to meet this lady one day,
The one who will be mine,
As caring as the gentle breeze,
As scented as the forest pine,
She pulsates my mind, my body too,
As her words whisper of sex and taboo.

I'd like you to see this lady some time,
The one of whom I'm proud,
As beautiful as a golden dawn,
As mystical as a passing cloud,
She quivers my body, tingles my spine,
As her warm fleshy skin wraps around mine.

I'd like you to hear this lady somehow,
The one who sings my song,
As velvet soft as a symphony,
As musical as my life is long,
She quenches my love, fulfils the desire,
As her voice so exquisite sets you on fire.

I'd like you to touch but I can't allow,
The one who is mine is so dear,
As dreamy smooth as Mulberry silk,
As soft as the moisture of a tear,
She ignites my senses, with orgasmic thrills,
As her tantalising touch sends sensual chills.

I'd like you to taste but it can't be,
The one whose life is my truth,
As sweet as a plump ripened peach,
As delicious as salivation of youth,
She licks my sweat as in turn I lick hers,
As our bodily fluid transfers.

I'd like you to understand this lady,
The one whose picture I paint,
As receptive as pollination,
As pure driven as angel or saint,
She heals pain with dissolved absolution,
As she rewires my own restitution.

I'd like you to visualise this lady,
The one who you want her to be,
As tall, short, as pretty as plain,
As the one in your mind you can see,
She walks our earth and searches your name,
As her quest is quite simply the same.

So, I'd like to tell you about this lady,
The one that's meant for me,
As true of heart as cupid is,
As devoted as she is free,
She's all I'll ever need and want, - The very best one could ever hope to get,
As my soul keeps searching on, - Because I still haven't found her just yet...

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