Though I am not an eloquent person, I have always loved the rhyming word of poetry and I have my moments of creativity in this subject matter. I tend to write from emotion, sometimes from experiences and often tell stories of quite simply what is on my mind. Not necessarily writing for anyone in particular, most of the time just writing thoughts. I have been asked to write poems for other people and some are included in this collection. Read, don't read, the choice is yours... and so is your opinion.

Free to share poetry

All of my writing is registered with copyrights, however I am happy to waiver this for my poetry section and should anyone wish to use my work for song lyrics or share on the internet, all I ask is that credit is given to my name by means of common courtesy, thanks. There are certainly reasons behind what I write and I am sure that over time I shall add explanations to accompany each piece and if possible I shall add some imagery too. If you wish to question any of my work, I shall be happy to respond.

The Thin White Duke

Outside, the earthling waits for hours tonight,
His diamond dogs snarling at the tin machine,
As the lodger checks the profile of another face,
Are these heroes just images, on the silver screen?

At Santa Monica the London boy shares his stage,
The collection of sound and vision reaches all saints,
VH1 storytellers report on the golden years and
The next day, the man who sold the world just faints.

All because the space oddity of this starman,
Reveals prime cuts of the rarest glass spider,
From station to station young Americans flee
The rock concert as scary monsters spread wider,

This rare superstar had never let me down before,
But now the singles collection of the rarest one,
Turned the musical storyland into rock reflections,
As the chameleon showed a second face from early on.

Aladdin sane took a reality tour and said let's dance,
But the heathen brought ziggy stardust to an all time low,
News at the Beeb spoke of changes, two fashions,
So La Grande Storia Del Rock had nowhere to go,

The gospel according to the dream anthology
Showed black tie white noise with fame and fashion,
As the tin machine II opened by the iSelect button,
A new starting point for the platinum collection passion.

The rarest series from a new club with changes,
With pin ups who will love you till Tuesday night,
And the best of "Die Weisse Serie" in German is
The world of the best deluxe and changes one zeit!

With the tin machine live we saw the rise and fall of
Ziggy stardust and the Spiders from mars, now hunky dory,
It was always David live and nothing has changed,
It's the Buddha of Suburbia's secret songs, in a labyrinth story.

And the everlasting, influential impact, of just one man.

David Bowie.
I wrote this in August 2015 (containing 79 David Bowie album titles) and was somewhat put out that I couldn't fit in number eighteen from my list, the album title of Peter And The Wolf. When I researched Sergei Prokofiev (who wrote this piece in only four days), I noticed that he created this master piece in 1936 which is 79 years ago from the date of my inspiration. So on the strength of some unexplained universal power, the coincidence of the number 79 prevents me from making any changes to my Bowie story.

However, I did add a final verse on my Bowie Art No.36 titled "Just A Word", see the blackstar.STUDIO site for details.

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