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Welcome to my thoughts...
Before you pass judgement, yes I have looked at these subjects with an open mind and here are my conclusions. I enjoy discussing the issues as long as those who I am debating with have equally open minds. Watch the videos below.

Views on "Religion"

Whoever your God may be, I trust that he keeps you safe. Faith is a choice and should not be used for social control, war or for pure financial gain. To allow disorder, corruption, suffering and persecution to thrive under the guise of a religious banner is just pure utter madness and totally unacceptable. If the same practices were carried out by any other organisation then our laws would act and put a stop to it.

I would love to be around in the year 2150 when we move into the age of Aquarius and when all the biblical story references need to be changed from fish to water (watch the video, you'll understand), as they were changed some 2000 years ago from the ram to the fish. Surely no one is going to rewrite every religious bible? Maybe this will be a turning point for mankind? I love religion as a debatable subject and could go on for hours, but I won't!

Views on "Politics"

Let's face it, who doesn't moan about politics? And how many times do we hear people say that if only we could put ordinary folk in office then things would change? The establishment won't let us because they think we are idiots and would cause chaos and anarchy. We all agree that we need security and a set of laws and guidelines to live by though mainly due to the monetary system.

Not voting is actually not the answer either. Personally I feel that scientists and technologists should lead countries but at present most would not offer a candidacy through fear of retribution. History also shows us that most of the worlds best leaders immediately put themselves literally in the firing line and are either assassinated or forced out of office. The answer is total reform of all religious, monetary and political entities at the same time. Convincing the world of this is the greatest task!

Views on "Money"

If the rich get richer and the poor get poorer then revolution is on the cards. Sadly, the bankers and politicians know this only too well and that's why they are always tipping he balance just enough to prevent such an up rise. Amongst other things, interest rates I think they call it? :-) Everyone should withdraw all cash from banks and crash the system, this would be a peaceful start (to begin with).

But seriously, there is no need for a monetary system at all. It serves no positive purpose to mankind. How have we let these people enslave society and cause so much global suffering with their worldwide game of monopoly? After all, they are only human the same as us. Mathematically once you introduce the concept of interest and subsequent debt then there is no escaping until the system implodes, collapses or is eradicated. Part of the implementation of the monetary system is also attributed to... yes you guessed it, religion!

Views on the "Future"

Religion, politics and money all serve the same purpose of control and slavery, why do you think they all work so well together? Where there is religion there's money and war. Where there is politics there's religion and money. And where there is money you will always find politics and religion lurking about somewhere. All three are linked and they all need abolishing or major reformation in order to progress.

There is an answer for the future and it can be implemented today! A "Resource Based Economy" rids the world of many negative social elements and improves the lives of every person on the face of this planet. World leading scientists tell us that we are not running out of sustainable fuels, we are simply not enhancing the right ones which are actually much more efficient too. Governments have selective hearing when it comes to listening to our scientists as certain resolves may not suit their political agendas. Please watch "The Venus Project" video below.

Drawing to my conclusion

Radical change is require and we need to educate each new generation that a resource based economy is the way forward and trust that the worlds population will come to its senses. I urge you to think and educate others. For years I have searched for logical like minded people and in both The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project, they have managed to convey the explanations and ideals through the format of video making it easy for the layman to comprehend. These two organisations comprise some of the worlds top scientists and technologists, unlike most religious leaders, bankers and politicians who in comparison have very little accreditation at all. So this surely begs the question: "What the f*#k is going on?"

"Was man a creation of God or is God is a creation of man?"

There's a fine line between religion and faith.

I hate the fact that so many religions are forever trying to force their beliefs on those who don't subscribe. I wouldn't force my view on them. Here is an interesting scientific and astrologically view of religion as a whole and an introductory dig at those who are only after monetary gain.

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"Political debates are when charlatans come together to discuss their principles!"

Terrorism? Twin Towers? Mmmm!?

History has proven time and time again that social, racial, political and economic events repeat themselves. We all know this to be fact, so why the hell don't we ever seem to learn our lesson? The US thinks we are are obliviously stupid and it is clear that the Twin Towers disaster was a direct result of it's own government.

Listen to reason at "Ted Talks"

"Man invented money from nothing and this nothingness will be the end of man!"

See how money is created and why!

The monetary system is yet another man made invention designed to control society and enslave mankind to a life of debt. It is mathematically impossible to repay interest on loans locally or globally. Technically all money is created from nothing and holds no value. All Federal banks and reserves should be abolished.

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Now consider this! How life could be if we just listen to the right people...

If all the money in the world disappeared overnight, as long as topsoil, factories, personnel and other resources were left intact, we could build anything we needed to fulfill most human needs. It is not money that people require, but rather free access to most of their needs without worrying about financial security or having to appeal to a government bureaucracy. In a resource-based economy of abundance, money will become irrelevant.

"If only science could find a cure for politics, then mankind could live in utopia!"

The Venus Project

Jacque Fresco and the future by design. This is not just an idealistic fantasy! We have the technology, resources and human know how to implement the structure for a sustainable planet with an increased quality of life on all levels for the whole population. This is a realistic possibility now but we all need pull together and fight the cause.

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