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Bowie Art Fest by the blackstar.STUDIO Steve Stachini

...I'm Living On

A UK based event displaying the largest collection of fan based David Bowie Tribute Art accompanied by live bands, a variety of memorabilia stands, a Bowie inspired fashion show and more. With special guest, the legendary world famous rock photographer John Rowlands. Organised by Steve Stachini founder of the blackstar.STUDIO

Bowie Tribute Art
Now you have the opportunity to not only attend one of the best Bowie festivals, but you can also be a part of it! We are gathering David Bowie tribute art created by fans from all around the world to be displayed at one festival. So join the Bowie Art Fest project.

Bowie Art Fest Logo Steve Stachini David Bowie Art Festival blackstar STUDIO Art
  • A full two day (and night) festival of celebration.
  • A varied mix of artistic creativity in different mediums.
  • Be part of the largest Bowie tribute art exhibition.
  • Be part of the film documentary all about the event.
Fashion Show
A showcase collaboration between the blackstar.STUDIO and Ji-ai Fashion House comprising of a 30 piece Bowie inspired collection for both men and women. All designs, accessories and shoes will be available for purchase and all proceeds will go towards blackstar art projects.

Bowie Art Fest Logo Steve Stachini David Bowie Art Festival blackstar STUDIO
  • One Fashion Show on each day of the event.
  • Meet the Ugandan Designer Charity Priscilla in person.
  • Raising awareness for African creatives. #JBOP
  • A bespoke collection set to be the start of many.
Selective stands selling an array of David Bowie merchandise, gifts and collectables, memorabilia and more.
Bowie Art Fest Logo Steve Stachini David Bowie Art Festival blackstar STUDIO
The event will have a filmed documentary and post event photo book created for posterity and made publicly available.
Bowie Art Fest Logo Steve Stachini David Bowie Art Festival blackstar STUDIO
Our filmed documentary will show behind the scenes work, interviews with artists, guests, organisers and sponsors.
John Rowlands
After spending years with David Bowie especially through the Berlin Trilogy, John has many stories to share.

John Rowlands Bowie Art Fest by Steve Stachini blackstarSTUDIO David Bowie Art Festival Meet John in person and get signed David Bowie photos by this legendary rock photographer responsible for many of the iconic Bowie images. Plus David Bowie photo books specifically designed for the event by John Rowlands, containing many previously unseen images.
Takumi Yamamoto
See the amazing concept car "A Portrait to db" by Takumi Yamamoto which will be on display.

Tribute Band Bowie Art Fest by Steve Stachini blackstarSTUDIO David Bowie Art Festival Takumi gained experience as a car designer in France, UK and Japan. In 2012 he joined Polyphony Digital, known for creating the iconic Gran Turismo series of games for Playstation. His passion for David Bowie and life long influence drove Takumi to build this artistic creation.
Live Music
Live indoor stage performances by David Bowie Tribute Bands as well as guest speakers.

Tribute Band Bowie Art Fest by Steve Stachini blackstarSTUDIO David Bowie Art Festival After spending the daytime enjoying the Bowie Art Fest and all it has to exhibit, you can round off your experience by attending a Bowie Tribute Band Gig... all included in the same ticket price.
Event Location
We are planning the event to be held at the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, Kent UK.

Tribute Band Bowie Art Fest by Steve Stachini blackstarSTUDIO David Bowie Art Festival Folkestone has great road and public transport access as well as a multitude of hotels, so why not stay the night? Just as importantly, the whole area has a very creative "London Soho" vibe to it!
Event Dates
The Bowie Art Fest dates are currently planned for Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of May 2020. We are busy working behind the scenes to make this event happen. The more tribute art we have to display, the better the event, so please upload your images and spread the word!
Bowie Art Fest Logo Steve Stachini David Bowie Art Festival File Uploads

"I'm not a prophet or a stone age man, just a mortal with potential of a superman... I'm living on"

Event Costs £60k+
Our fund raising target of £40,000 will cover the core basics of our event and we are anticipating combined over target figures via our Kickstarter Croudfunding Campaign, Ticket Sales and Sponsors. Nonetheless we have to first reach this milestone. Your support, whether it be financial, spreading the word, participating or attending the event is vitally crucial to its success.
We need your support to gather momentum for our crowdfunding campaign and we are thrilled and delighted to be able to offer some awesome rewards and incentives when we launch. Even if you are not able to attend the event in person, the Bowie Art Fest team shall ensure that your contribution is rewarded. Every Bowie fan worldwide can be a part of this amazing event!
Social Media
"Word and mouth" is no doubt the best form of advertising and as we live in the digital age, we are asking all David Bowie fans on all platforms to join in and share posts and updates regularly. Individuals, page admins and bloggers are all welcome to join our planning team and all contributors shall shall be recognised. For the love of David, lets make the Bowie Art Fest go viral!
Ticket Availability
AGT Tickets is our chosen ticket sales platform and a one day event ticket price will be a mere £25 per person. We estimate a maximum capacity of 3,000 attendees over the two day event and purchases will be made easy via all our online resources where possible. For those wishing to stay the night, we are negotiating discounted rates at selected hotels on your behalf.
We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities to offer such as: Full event sponsorship, Large banner advertising spaces, Inclusion on all printed publicity including the post event photo books, Media publications, Online social media posts, Website advertising, Stage time for presentations, Exhibition stands, Credits and inclusion in the film documentary, and much more...
Money Distribution
Feel free to contact us at any time with any Bowie Art Fest related question. Thank you for your support :-)
A word from Steve Stachini
I am just one of millions who has been influenced and impacted by the life, work and creativity of David Bowie. As we all know and appreciate, music and art brings people together, has the power to change the world, combat social issues, and is a perpetual catalyst for pushing the boundaries of creative exploration.

The arts also give that humanitarian feel good factor as well as prompting discussion, debate and celebration on a global scale with sometimes unexplicable emotional attachment. Events such as the Bowie Art Fest are essential for our moral and social responsibilities and the well being of future creative development.
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