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Bowie Art

by Steve Stachini (an ongoing project).

Various images of Steve Stachini in different poses as a link for his BIO page

Also available: Three photo books covering these collections.

I started my Bowie art creations in 2015 and began working on an art studio project which opened in 2016. With the sad passing of David Bowie before my project was complete, it was naturally fitting to name the gallery the blackstar.STUDIO – Read the full story… it’s worth it!

The inaugural exhibition comprised over thirty pieces of my Bowie art displayed to the public in the wall to wall, fully vinyl wrapped, David Bowie themed studio in Valencia, Spain. With a passion for creativity and the life long influence of David Bowie, I continue to pursue a variety of art and Bowie related projects worldwide.

blackstar.STUDIO Series

David Bowie Art Creation by Steve Stachini at the blackstar.STUDIO - David Bowie Teenage Wildlife by Steve Stachini

Studio Album Plus Series

David Bowie Art Creation by Steve Stachini - 1980 Scary Monsters

V27 Series

David Bowie Art Creation by Steve Stachin - Loving The Alien

“Despite having a very negative, abusive childhood, Steve Stachini is the embodiment of selfless devotion towards creativity and proof that we all have choices in life. All is revealed in his autobiography “Naked & Raw” containing stories that will shock and amuse. Special thanks and tributes are paid to Helen Steaden, Robin Nixon and Jason Miller, as well as his liberator, David Bowie.”

All images from the three collections on this site are purposely displayed in large sizes so that you may hopefully see and appreciate the detail. There are many related products available for purchase from our shop and I am happy to produce bespoke commissions, simply contact me. Thank you and enjoy!

Steve Stachini CV Wake Up To A Bowie Wrap Video

Steve Stachini Naked-and-Raw Book Title Video Image

Steve Stachini blackstar STUDIO Interview with Roberto Castillo