Unique David Bowie Canvas Prints
The Studio Album Series - Available from 1st February 2016

A series of canvas prints from David Bowie's studio album releases, comprising a collection of 28 prints.
All prints in this series follow the same style and layout format but with varying elements such as different images/silhouettes, different order layout of album covers and different colour themes.

See some of the features explained below. Available in various sizes, even 2.4m x 1m or even larger if you desire. These are not stock items they are made to order and can even be personalised.

Stay tuned for more updates!

A Compilation Album Series and a Live and Soundtrack Album Series (in different formats) also coming soon!
A quick overview of The Studio Album Series format...
This example is for the 1977 album "Low" (number 11 out of 28).