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  • "Go ahead and ask yourself..... do you want a wrap or a ProWrap?"

    Steve Stachini

  • "People forget how fast you did a job..... but they remember how well you did it."

    Howard Newton

  • "Quality may always be for sale..... but never for compromise."

    Tim Ashenden

  • "Negotiation is permissible for mediocrity..... but not for excellence."

    Amit Kalantri

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  • "If you think a professional is expensive, wait 'til you try an amateur!"

    Paul Adair

  • "Professionals never guess. They make it their business, to know their business."

    Michelle Moore

  • "An expert knows the worst mistakes that can be made..... and how to avoid them"

    Werner Heisenberg

  • "Solutions and results come from cooperation, hard work and efficiency."

    Angelica Hopes

Team Information


First port of call:

As Head of Global Operations (Tim Ashenden), and International Coordinator (Steve Stachini) are readily available to help and advise with any enquiry. If you are in the geographical location of any ProWraps Team Member listed below, then naturally contact your nearest location. If in doubt, please do not hesitate in contacting us on our general enquiry line: 004487 12345 190 or send Tim or Steve an email and they will respond within 24hrs. Most mobile numbers listed also use the WhatsApp Instant Messenger application available on all smartphones. If you are viewing this site on a mobile device, you can simply "Click to call" on any number.

Tim Ashenden - International - (Yachts - Vehicles - Training)

Yacht Wrapping - Vehicle Wrapping - Interior Decor Wraps - Training

Co-founder of ProWraps with over thirty years experience in commercial art and design, print, signs and wrapping. Managing director of a successful printing company, Tim has moved with the times and demands of an ever changing market, developing and diversifying in to print related products, client project management and yacht wrapping.


To find out more about Tim, please click above to visit: www.yachtwraps.net

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Steve Stachini - International - (Yachts - Vehicles - Training)

Yacht Wrapping - Vehicle Wrapping - Interior Decor Wraps - Training

Co-founder of ProWraps and highly respected within the sign industry with experience gained from spending nearly his entire life in commercial art and design, print, signs and wrapping. Steve has performed demonstration days for vinyl manufacturers for new product launches and regularly travels to various countries for fitting, consultations and his training services.

Steve has spearheaded a campaign for yacht wrapping excellence with innovative and cutting edge fitting techniques. Staying one step ahead of the competition, he has designed methods to save material wastage, increase fitting efficiency and above all produce a longer lasting, higher quality yacht wrap finish.

Steve Stachini's BIO

To find out more about Steve, please click above to view his online BIO: steve.stachini.com

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Paul Walker - Mansfield UK - (Vehicles - Detailing - Tinting - Training)

Vehicle Wrapping - Detailing - Window Tinting - Training

Paul is highly respected and regarded by many to be the UK's number one within the field of vehicle wrapping. He has very proudly represented Swissvax at Salon Prive, the most prestigious car show and concourse de elegance thats held within the UK maintaining cars, some of which are valued at tens of millions of pounds.

PW Pro

To find out more about Paul, please click above to visit: www.pwpro.co.uk

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Paul Townsend - Berkshire UK - International (Specialist Detailing - Training)

Detailing - Paint Protection - Enhancement Detail - Training

As seen on TV's Fifth Gear Paul is highly respected and regarded by many to be the UK's number one within the field of detailing. With a reputation for outstanding quality and results, Paul has been featured by national television and radio as a recognised industry expert. As a great lover of traditional products, Paul is proud to be long standing Swissvax Authorised Detailer, but also embraces the best that modern technology has to offer and is proud to use the range of GTechniq products.

Shine On Detailing

To find out more about Paul, please click above to visit: www.shineondetail.com

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Chris Ashenden - Kent UK - (Vehicles - Detailing - Tinting)

Vehicle Wrapping - Interior Decor Wraps - Detailing - Window Tinting

Born in to the print industry and with the dedication to aid in the expansion of his fathers business, Chris set up a dedicated wrapping business self run and a separate entity to the existing sign and print aspect. With youthful enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism, he is set to benchmark the next generation of wrap technologies.

Mickle Print

To find out more about Chris, please click above to visit: www.mickleprint.com

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Kellie Stachini - Spain - Spanish Islands - USA - (Design Services - Photography)

Vehicle Wrap Design - Interior Design - Web Design - Graphic Design - Photography

With a natural flare for art and art related subjects, Kellie has a penchant for creative design projects ranging from origination to photography and an eye for interior design. With exceptional attention to detail she is often called upon for consultation work. Speaking fluent spanish also opens many more prosperous opportunities for her on a global scale and is an obvious asset to ProWraps.

Vehicle Wrap It

To find out more about Kellie, please click above to visit: www.vehiclewrapit.com

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Carl Wallis - UK - Mainland Europe (Fitting Teams Coordinator)

Fitting Teams Coordinator - Vehicle Wrapping - Yacht Wrapping - Tinting

With a natural ability for preparation, organisation and attention to detail, Carl has proven himself over the years within the print and wrapping industry to be a great project and team supervisor. With his progression through the ranks and training processes his strengths lie in team leadership, motivation and analytic reporting, providing vital information for the continued efforts and implementation of process improvements.

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Fitting Department - (Yacht Wraps - Vehicle Wraps - Tinting - Detailing)

Dedicated Teams for Yacht Wrapping - Vehicle Wrapping - Tinting - Detailing

ProWraps can deploy installation teams to carry out all required fitting services with the full assurance of top quality professionalism. All fitters are fully trained to the highest degree and will include some of the ProWraps members shown on this site. One key advantage of ProWraps is that we always use the same teams for the same required specialised services. Many other companies simply use "hired hands" from any wrap company they can.

Our installation teams are all known by ProWraps, vetted and trained as individually designated working teams to ensure quality, consistency and continuity from job to job.



To see our quality of work, simply click above to view our portfolios.

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Skinz Wraps - Dallas USA - (Vehicles - Training)

Vehicle Wrapping

Skiz Wraps in the United States are renowned for their adventurous wraps and most certainly leagues ahead of any U.S. wrap competition. Due to their marketing stategy and insistance on franchising, they have found it difficult to break in to the European market. However, there is now a Skinz in Italy. The US Dallas branch is by far the best and no doubt their original site upon which subsequent franchises were based.

Dallas Vehicle Wraps T: 001214 741 4529 E: dinfo@skinzwraps.com

Skinz Wraps

To find out more about Skinz, please click above to visit: www.skinzwraps.com

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More About The ProWraps Four

Tim Ashenden - Steve Stachini - Paul Walker - Paul Townsend

Four of the top UK experts within the wrapping and wrap related industry services (Yacht Wraps, Vehicle Wrapping, Auto Detailing and Window Tinting) have come together to showcase their professionalism and passion for their outstanding quality work. Collectively, Tim Ashenden, Steve Stachini, Paul Walker and Paul Townsend now offer a worldwide wrap service, specialist yacht wrapping, specialist detailing and more.

This elite group of diverse individuals, each with their own existing business are at the forefront of their chosen field. Between them, they boast over 70 years worth of combined talent and expertise. Paul Towsnend has appeared on international television shows, Paul Walker is regarded as the UK's No.1 vehicle wrapper, Steve Stachini has performed a variety of Demonstration Days for new product launches on behalf of vinyl manufacturers and Tim Ashenden has facilitated new yacht wrap fitting techniques and has devised "Wrap Training for Excellence" programs for those who wish to wish to perform pro wraps.

All four professionals also offer full training services and their field of expertise overlap, so ProWraps are sure to able to accommodate your requirements. ProWraps services and products may come at a premium price but you will not find a higher quality, professional worldwide service like this anywhere else!

Call us to discuss your requirements. T: 004487 12345 190 E: info@prowraps.pw

Pushing the bounderies of "Excellence"

For private or commercial clients around the world.

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BQS - Bespoke Quoting System

Most of our work, products, and services are priced on and individual basis, though we shall always aim to provide an estimate within a short time frame.

Site Surveys, Consultancy or Installation

As a great deal of our work may be international or of a great distance from one of our locations, a paid site/product survey may be required. Or if we send fitting teams to sites for installation, ProWraps charges £240+/- per person per day plus expenses, (flights, transfers, travel, food, accomodation etc.) where applicable.

Vehicle Wrapping

Generally speaking, a standard, professional complete vehicle wrap, whether it be a solid colour change or fully printed digital imaging will cost around £2000+/-.

Yacht Wraps

These will almost certainly require a site visit to discuss and determine the possibilities, area coverage, fitting detail with respect to boat furnishing etc. However, as a guide, to wrap a yacht hull as apposed to painting it will roughly work out to about one third of the price and can be fitted in a fraction of the time required for painting. Naturally internal wrapping is impossible to quote on without viewing and discussing your requirements.


Again it may not always be possible to provide exact prices without viewing what work is involved. Daily rates may vary from £300-£600 though we would normally give a complete works price.

Training Courses - Wrapping, Tinting and Detailing

All our training courses are on a one to one basis or for a team of two working together. This ensures maximum benefit fo the trainees and nearly all of our training is hands on. ProWraps has various locations suitable for training and we also offer on site training in any country. Irrespective of the course (Wrapping, Tinting or Detailing) our prices are:

Two Week (10 Days) Training Course £3300 per person

One Week (5 Days) Training Course £2200 per person

3 Day Training Course £1500 per person

1 Day Training Course £400 per person

40% Discount for a second person attending any course at the same time from the same company.

If you have more than two people requiring training ProWraps will help organise the best options at the best possible prices for you, so please enquire.

Consultation Daily Rate £300

All Training Courses and Consultaions are plus expenses, (flights, transfers, travel, food, accomodation etc.) where applicable.

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To find out more about about how ProWraps can be of service, please click above to email our general enquiries team.

Head Office UK: ProWraps, Simmonds Road, Wincheap Estate, Canterbury, Kent CT1 3RA

Head Office Spain: ProWraps, Carrer Dels Vells No.23, Villalonga 46720, Valencia

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