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Don’t paint it! Yacht Wrap it! - The contemporary choice…
Yacht wrapping protects, looks great, has infinite design possibilities, an array of colour and texture finishes, can be adopted for both commercial branding or private personalisation, durable, easily changed, easier to repair, so much more cost effective than paint work and requires a fraction of dry dock time for installation…

Yacht Wrap Expertise

With hands on experience and product knowledge of vinyl film technology for over 20 years, Steve Stachini heads up the Yacht Wraps team globally. With a yacht wrap we can change the colour, add designer elements and create a whole new look for your vessel. For exterior or interior wraps we have the expertise to ensure the best quality workmanship, products and service.

More Finishing Options

With a wide choice of solid colours both gloss and matte, metallics, and speciality finishes such as Chromes, Carbon Fibres, Leather, Brushed Aluminiums, Pearlescent and more. From stripes, graphics and decals, to full or partial yacht wraps, or even that one step further with custom design stunning digitally printed wraps for personalisation, events or corporate branding.

Cost Effective

Wrapping your yacht is the most cost effective alternative to painting. Not only is a yacht wrap about one third of the price of painting and a fraction of the time required to fit, but it also helps to protect the yachts original surfaces. Wraps can be cleanly removed without any markings, repairs are swift and easier and yacht wraps can be changed whenever you desire.

No Compromise

Yacht Wraps specialise in all wrapping applications and offer a professional worldwide service. Only using the best quality available material from manufacturers such as 3M, Avery, Hexis, VViViD, isee2 and Arlon. Yacht wrapping is a growing industry, however not all companies are fitting exterior vinyl yacht wraps to the highest possible professional standards, which is one of the reasons why Steve Stachini entered into the yachting market, bringing with him his wealth of high end vehicle wrapping expertise.
See our ProWraps page for more about our quality.
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Proven History

Vinyl yacht wrap fitting is a different discipline to vehicle wraps or small boat wraps. Yacht customisation takes a special skill and being that our experience in wrapping technology for all applications, then your vinyl yacht wrap is in safe hands. We have run training courses for vinyl wrapping for many years now and performed demonstration days for new product launches on behalf of vinyl manufacturers. With write ups in industry publications such as SignUpdate magazine, our credentials are sound.
Feel free to read Steve Stachini’s informal BIO.
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With much more available on Vimeo and Pinterest.

Dedicated Fitting Teams

We have highly trained and dedicated fitting teams who are permanently employed, work with each other at all times, and are ready for global deployment. This is a crucial and fundamental basis for continuity of work. We believe that we practice advanced fitting techniques compared to others, with the greatest care and attention to detail. Admittedly, it is not rocket science, however, we have the protocols and disciplines in place. Our work ethics, client discretion, honest approach, professional history and quality of work is only a part of who we are, and the standard of which our clients should demand, expect and receive!

Additional Services

Interior yacht wrapping vinyl finishes are equally on the increase as well as vinyl wrap colour changes for hulls and super structures. With the added advantage of our commercial art, design and printing background since 1985, Yacht Wraps can also service any interior bespoke décor, large format, digital and apparel printing, embroidered garments, decals, signage and more. So whatever your yacht wrapping requirements, whether it be for a full or partial yacht wrap, external or internal vinyl wrap finishes, then Yacht Wraps are here to oblige and offer a comprehensive worldwide service too!

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Creative Ideas...

Why not have a play on our Yacht Colour Changer or click on the swatches above to view all the manufacturers vinyl colour charts which we use. Here at Yacht Wraps we can also design you proofs from yacht outlines (if they are available) or by superimposing artwork or colours on to photographs.

Though the very best option is to pay for our survey / consultation service available worldwide. Remember that any pre-work fees shall be deducted once your order is placed.

And we still give you more!

Privacy and discretion policies - as we understand that not everyone likes the idea of their pride and joy being depicted in photos or videos on the internet. So we respect this and only use imagery with your agreed permission.
Site survey consultation service - for a minimal daily rate plus expenses, we are prepared to travel the globe for face to face meetings and site surveys, in order to assist and discuss your requirements in detail and submit proposals.
Design and proofing service - without an onsite survey, charged by the per hour. Plus a fitting only service - where you can hire a team of our professional fitters on a daily or weekly basis for those on a limited budget.
Any pre-work consultation fees, design charges etc. (excluding expenses) shall be deducted from the final cost of any subsequent work carried out by ourselves. Effectively receiving your money back on any pre-work costs.

Please Beware!

The shocking truth - Sadly we have to report that we have witnessed first hand the way in which some yacht wrapping companies perform: Paying daily rates to unskilled individual fitters who don't even know each other in some cases. Lack of correct tools and use of inferior products. Directly scalpel blading through vinyl films and scoring yacht surfaces! High material wastage due to lack of planning and approach to the work! Poor surface preparation resulting in blemished finishes! Incorrect or even non existent edge sealing resulting in wraps that simply will not last! Many wrap companies do not have trained "teams", simply hired hands to do the job! Believe us when we say that the list goes on! However clients generally don’t notice immediately as they are focused on the initial "wow factor".
So why do we tell you this?
This is not something we would normally put on an internet site, but our integrity dictates that clients should be made aware of such matters. Whether you use Yacht Wraps services or not, we urge clients to be careful. Poor workmanship by others tarnishes our industry. However, if you were ever to find yourself in a stormy situation like this, you can always send us an SOS. We are here to help!
We trust that the information on this website demonstrates our commitment and longevity for what we do best.