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Vinyl Life Expectancy

The vinyls we use range from 5-10 years manufacturers specifications. However in reality, this is based on the material not being stressed, fitted on a perfect flat surface and with no external influences, such as the weather. The truth is that all wrap vinyls may start looking tired after about 3 years of external use. Which still provides a credible, viable, cost effective option to painting.

Damage and Repairs

A natural concern for all clients and the simple answer to "Can my wrap be repaired?" is Yes! However, the extent of the repair will depend upon type, amount and position of the damaged area. Vinyl wraps are just as susceptible to environmental and general use damage as any paint work is. Wraps require care and attention, correct cleaning etc. just as one would with any vehicle or vessel.

After Sales Service

We are always available to answer any questions even after installation and we provide chargeable comprehensive maintenance routines, inspections and warranties if required. Worldwide! Our professional wraps are quality assured though we cannot be responsible for how clients treat them. Every effort is made to ensure customer satisfaction at competitive rates.

Feature on 3M Di-NOC Architectural Finishes


Guarantees and Warranties

Globally this is always a slightly grey area of contention for any wrapping work within our industry, as we have no control over environmental factors or how clients do or don't take care of our installed products.
However - Our guarantees for all our wraps (vehicles, yachts or otherwise) are for our workmanship/fitting and stand for one year against, edge lifting, pealing, bubbling, colour fading and anything related as a direct result of any negligence during the fitting and finishing process. We will gladly act on our clients behalf (if required) to pursue any issues regarding the manufacturers vinyl material warranties.
Fortunately we have very little experience with failed wraps, though should any issues arise we shall do everything within our powers to maintain customer satisfaction. At a premium, we do offer extended 3yr and 5yr wrap warranties and annual or regular maintenance contracts, the costs of which are determined at the time of our clients original bespoke order.

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Seemless Joins

A suitable process for all applications. This quick video demonstrates the process for seamless vinyl joins with a pin stripe layer on top. The options are to have a seamless join, an overlapped join, or a join with a decorative contrasting stripe overlay.

This process can be applied for an array of widths, styles and finishes. With respect to our yacht wraps, all seams and edges are 3M liquid edge sealed for greater edge protection.
Vehicles and Yachts
For optimum results we insist on using only the finest quality vinyl wrapping materials available from the worlds best manufacturers.
Pricing and Variables
All our work is bespoke and naturally the price of your wrap will vary depending upon the desired material finish you require.
Custom Designs
Full wraps do not have to be of the same colour. We can custom design styles, shapes and graphics to suit your desired taste.
Help and Advice
We always offer the best advice based on our experience in order to provide you with the most cost effect options.