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Ask yourself - Do you want a learn how to wrap or be able to wrap professionally?
Our vehicle wrap training courses are unlike any manufacturers course. Why? Naturally it makes sense for manufacturers to offer training courses, though their hidden agenda is to convince you that their material is the best in the world so that you buy from them. These vehicle wrap training courses are generally run with a number of students (never one to one) and you only ever get a handful of hours on practical fitting. Now read more to discover how we are different...
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Vehicle Wrap Training

Seriously... forget YouTube videos or manufacturers vehicle wrap training courses! If you want to learn how to wrap like a pro then our vehicle wrap training services will provide you with the very best grounding, techniques and ongoing support that you will ever need to have the confidence to produce stunning wraps. All based on our many years of experience and expertise.

Vinyl Manufacturers

As part of our vehicle wrap training course you will experience the differences in the leading manufacturers materials by actually handling and fitting them yourself. Over 90% of the wrap training course is spent hands on, learning as you fit in a practical manor whilst theories and explanations are discussed with you throughout the whole duration.


Many examples or common wrap issues are tackled on our wrap training course in order for you to learn practically how to avoid or how to get out of trouble spots whilst fitting. You will also experience various methods of application for different types of wrapping. Your training shall actually be on a vehicle too, even if it is to be stripped at the end of the course.

Independent Training

We are not tied nor have any motives to support any vinyl manufacturers. Our vehicle wrap training course is run by Steve Stachini who is totally independent and has been wrapping since 1994, following and adapting to the changes and advancements in vinyl technology. Your training will be unbiased, professional, educational and above all enjoyable!

Wrap Fitting Kit

As well as all of the extensive knowledge gained from our vehicle wrap training course, we shall provide you with the essentials fitting including: Heat Gun, Thermometer, Gloves, a variety of Squeegees, Blades and Blade Holder, Preparation and Knifeless Tape, Mini Tool Kit, Positioning Magnets, and more. Along with a contact list of useful material suppliers.

Duration and Cost

Our vehicle wrap training course is for one week (a full 5 days) or even longer if you require. A one week course costs £1600 and we also offer refresher courses too. Training is held either in Canterbury UK or Valencia Spain. We can also provide our vehicle wrap training course at your business or home location worldwide, the course cost is the same but plus expenses.
All our training services and prices are on a per person basis or a team of two from the same company. This ensures optimum results for trainees. For vehicle wrap training of more than two persons we do apply discounts so please enquire. Our vehicle wrap training courses can be modified and adapted to suit your particular requirements, nothing is rigid or set in stone. We are flexible and able to concentrate more intensely in specific areas of wrapping as required.

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  • Steve Stachini - Vehicle Wrap Training

    Steve Stachini - has performed a variety of Demonstration Days for new product launches on behalf of vinyl manufacturers, and has over 20 years vinyl technology experience. Steve has trained numerous businesses in the art of vehicle wrapping and has also appeared in industry publications such as SignUpdate Magazine. In fact Steve trained Paul Townsend in Vehicle wrapping who in turn trained Paul Walker. Read Steve's BIO
    So why not book your vehicle wrapping training course today! Simply contact us at ProWraps. Read Course Overview
  • Paul Townsend - Auto Detailing Training

    Paul Towsnend - as seen on TV's Fifth Gear Paul is highly respected and regarded by many to be the UK's number one within the field of auto detailing. With a reputation for outstanding quality and results, Paul has featured on national television and radio programs as a recognised industry expert.

    Paul's Auto Detailing Courses are only available Exclusively through ProWraps - A four day training course with Paul will cost £1500 from the Shine On Detailing location at Rotherwick, Hampshire.
  • Paul Walker - Window Tinting Training

    Paul Walker - is highly respected and regarded by many to be the UK's number one within the field of vehicle wrapping. He has very proudly represented Swissvax at Salon Prive for maintaining cars at the most prestigious car show held in the UK "Concourse de Elegance", responsible for vehicles valued at tens of millions of pounds.

    Paul's Window Tinting Course is a three day training course at the cost of £1700 from the PWpro location in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
  • Unique Worldwide Service!

    No matter where you maybe located we are sure to be able to assist by providing our vehicle wrap training service. The weekly price of the course remains the same at £1600 and the only additional costs are travel, transfers and accommodation expenses. We have successfully trained individuals and businesses in a wide variety of countries. Simply contact ProWraps for more information or to discuss your requirements.

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Professional one to one training rapidly built my confidence. The methods, explanations, demonstrations and virtually all hands on wrap training was second to none.

Miroslav Slavov, M.D. - M.I.A. Dizain Ltd. Bulgaria