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To the world of Steve Stachini...

Here you will find all the websites, pages, associated sites and social media links for the work, private life, projects and history of Steve Stachini. All main sites are interlinked for your convenience, so you can flip back and forth without opening multiple sites. Please keep checking back for updates, follow via your preferred social media platform or contact Steve direct with any question. Enjoy!

Steve Stachini blackstar.STUDIO logo with David Bowie face in the background

…check out our studio in Valencia, Spain.

The blackstar.STUDIO

A dedication to David Bowie, a whole studio wrapped in vinyl graphics and the inaugural exhibition housed fifty three original works or are by Steve Stachini all mounted canvas prints and now being sold as limited editions. Read, shop, see the photos and watch the videos online.

Steve Stachini Yacht Wraps logo with Dubai in the background

…professionalism of vinyl wrap technology.

Yacht Wraps

Offering a worldwide bespoke vinyl wrapping service for yachts, for both interior and exterior work, Steve Stachini showcases what’s on offer and how you could transform your vessel in a much more cost effective way whilst saving downtime and opening up a world of creative options.

Steve Stachini Pro Wraps logo with a red vinyl wrapped sports car in the background.

…check some huge wrap transformations.

ProWraps Vehicle Wrapping

A unique approach to it’s service, fitting hand in glove with the yacht wrapping business, vehicle wrapping is where it all started. With over twenty years vinyl technology experience Steve and the ProWrap team offer a bespoke worldwide service for both design and installation.

Steve Stachini David Bowie Art Image Colourful Hero set as a link to the Bowie Art Fest website.

…join us and be a part of something amazing.

The Bowie Art Fest

This planned event UK event is set to display the largest collection of Fan Based Bowie Tribute Art ever seen in one place. Along with special guests, fashion shows, stands and live tribute music performances. We need sponsors and contributors as well as artists and creatives.

Steve Stachini leaning against a wall with graffiti and text on the wall

…a very informative but informal BIO

Steve Stachini BIO

Read Steve’s breakdown in bullet points of his life’s work, interests and a few personal inserts designed to provide you with an insight to who this man is. Written in a casual C.V. format it makes for a refreshing way of finding out vital information about Steve and his attitudes in life.

Various images of Steve Stachini in different poses as a link for his BIO page

…a look into Steve’s working life in CV format.

Steve Stachini CV

Read the key points of Steve’s working life and history including some of his interests. Used as a more formal CV this will provide an insight into who Steve Stachini is and what he is all about whilst highlighting some of the special projects and achievements during his life so far.

Steve Stachini leaning against a wall for the video Naked and Raw

…check out the man behind the scenes.

The Steve Stachini Blog

Take a closer look at the life, thoughts, opinions and interests of Steve Stachini who opens up revealing all on his blog site. With an insight to his book “My Life – Naked And Raw” plus analysis of his personality you may be able to figure out how his creative mind works… though I doubt it!

Bowie art by Steve Stachini - Loving the Alien with an alien and David Bowie in a church with the Tonight album cover stain glass windows.

…with free digital downloads.

Bowie Art by Steve Stachini

Discover the creativity of some very large David Bowie inspired pieces of artwork suitable for canvas prints and wall decoration. In 2015 Steve turned away from commercial art and design to focus on what has become a variety of life long Bowie art projects.

Steve Stachini Uganda School Project showing African children at school

…my sponsored chosen charity in Uganda.

Divine Day Care

A unique nursery and junior school specialising in helping some of the most disadvantaged children with special needs including physical and psychological challenges, HIV /AIDS and other medical problems, malnourishment, abandonment, and those whose parents are psychotic.

Charity Stachini Ji-ai Fashion House Logo showing catwalk models in the background

…check out one of Uganda’s top clothing designers.

The Ji-ai Fashion House

Established designer Charity Priscilla Namiyonga presents her lines of ladies fashion and accessories, as well as children’s clothing and a variety of wedding attire. Specialising in bespoke designs and set for European shows and selected high street stores.

Steve Stachini #JBOP Logo showing an artistic map of Africa

…assisting creative artists of Uganda and changing lives.

#JBOP Project

Supporting authentic creativity from the Pearl of Africa, with a community of Ugandan talent – Art – Jewellery – Fashion and Crafts. As a collective initiative the aim is to tour African artists through exhibitions and events in Europe and most importantly, to further their careers and prospects.

A Steve Stachini Project called Serendipity Holiday Resort with image of a lake secluded lake side Ugandan holiday resort

…noted as one of the world’s most secret islands.

Serendipity Bukasa Island

We are seeking private or corporate equity investment to achieve this amazing island retreat with great onsite activities for both the adventurous or the most serene. We own land on Bukasa Island and plan to create a unique holiday resort that will be a Lake Victoria experience.


History of the Stachini name...

Recorded as Stacca, Stacchetti, Stacchini and Stachini, this is one of the many Italian surnames for a horse or horseman. Italian surnames are traditionally the most difficult to research with accuracy. Although hereditary from at least medieval times, they rarely became fixed in their spelling until the late 19th century, and often literally changed from generation to generation as each successive wave of the family added or subtracted both suffix and prefix at will, with diminutives such as ‘-ini’, ‘-etti’, ‘-etto’, ‘-illo’, all of which have the same basic meaning of ‘son of’.

This added to the general problem that from the fall of the Roman Empire in the 6th century a.d. until about 1860, Italy was at best a collection of individual states, mostly quite poor, and all with their own language or dialect. In the circumstances it is not surprising that such central registers as exist are quite recent, unlike England and Scotland in particular, who have consistent records back to at least the 12th century.

Keep checking back for updates…
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